Don't let the mystery of Google's ranking algorithm intimidate you. With Frase, you'll have an AI-powered secret weapon to make your content as relevant as possible to what searchers are looking for. The AI platform turns the complex process of SEO content creation into a breezy walk in the park. No more tedious research or spending hours on crafting outlines. With Frase, you'll have SEO-optimized content ready faster than you can say "Google Page 1".

Here's how Frase works:

Research: No more aimless clicking through SERPs. Frase's AI engine dives into the top search results, analyzing and condensing relevant content in seconds. It visualizes key SERP metrics like word count, domain rating, and heading count, and generates full-length, optimized content briefs, leaving you more time for creativity.

Outline: Say goodbye to long hours spent on creating outlines. Frase’s AI can generate an outline in seconds using headings from the SERP, while its Outline Builder lets you organize your content structure intuitively.

Write: Give your fingers a rest! Frase's AI Writer can instantly convert your outline into a full draft, generate intros, high-converting copywriting formulas, FAQs, headings, and more. Collaborating with your team is also a breeze with in-product tools designed for seamless teamwork.

Optimize: Perfect your craft with Frase's topic model, which assesses your content against competitors' and offers recommendations on related topics and their ideal frequencies. You can visualize all the topics your competitors are using and how often, helping you create content that Google will love.

Frase offers plans that cater to individual writers and teams, with options ranging from 4 articles per month for the Solo user to an unlimited number for Teams.



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